3 Types of Weddings: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to planning a wedding, couples have many decisions to make. Explore 3 main types of weddings: traditional, interfaith & escape.

3 Types of Weddings: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to planning a wedding, couples have a lot of decisions to make. From the venue to the religion, to the mix of cultures, styles and choices; all of these factors can make choosing your type of wedding quite difficult. Despite the fact that many modern brides choose non-traditional elements for their nuptials, the vast majority still adhere to ancient customs. In this article, we will explore the three main types of weddings: traditional, interfaith and escape.

A traditional wedding is the quintessential example of the archetype of wedding. The bride wears a stunning white floor-length dress, and guests dine on a three-course meal and toast with champagne during these luxurious events, which are usually held in hotels, conference centers, ballrooms or party tents. In the West, the prevailing view of marriage today is that it is based on a legal pact that recognizes emotional attachment between spouses and is contracted voluntarily. The simplest of all your options, a civil ceremony will make you and your partner head to the town or town hall.

There, a registrar will conduct a civil ceremony to get you married. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you'll find an in-depth Catholic wedding. A Roman Catholic ceremony will incorporate at least three readings from the Bible. The priest will also lead the exchange of vows and rings.

Two partners who study different religions will want to consider an interfaith ceremony. You'll work with the officiant to combine your two beliefs and make your nuptials unique. This type of wedding can also save you time. You and your partner won't have to schedule two ceremonies at each of your churches. Be sure to check if your state or country legally recognizes humanist ceremonies.

In some places, you'll have to make it official with a civil ceremony before or after your humanist vows. While some people assume that the escape is generally due to the bride being pregnant, this type of wedding usually occurs between two people who feel that the choices for their union should be theirs and theirs alone. Among the types of weddings available, this will be one of the longest, with some lasting up to an hour. For couples without focused faith could find a non-denominational ceremony as the perfect type of wedding. The general theme of the wedding also dictates the types of wedding receptions that follow the ceremony.

The type, functions and characteristics of marriage vary from culture to culture and may change over time. Another type of formal event, a modern and beautiful wedding preserves the classic elements of a traditional ceremony while adding a touch of modern style. When choosing between the types of weddings that guide you in deciding what type of day you want to have, use your wedding ceremony as a guide. The escape sometimes suggests that a couple give up on the formal wedding and run away just for the ceremony.

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