What Color Should a Bride Wear on Her Wedding Day?

When it comes to choosing what color to wear on your big day, there are many options available for modern brides beyond traditional white or red. Learn about the meanings behind different colors and find out which one best represents you.

What Color Should a Bride Wear on Her Wedding Day?

It's a very traditional choice for brides to wear white on their wedding day. When you start looking for wedding dresses online or at a bridal store, you'll see many different color names, from white to ivory, off-white, diamond white or cream, and many more in between. For their second wedding, many brides prefer less embellishment and may opt for shades of white. You can choose a white wedding dress with bright colored details such as a belt, bow or gems to add a touch of color and make it intriguing.

As a modern bride, you may be debating what color wedding dress you should wear on your big day. Traditionally, brides wear white wedding dresses in Western culture and red in Chinese culture, but these are no longer the only color options in modern bridal fashion. Colors evoke certain feelings, emotions and meanings. When choosing the right color for your wedding dress, you may want to learn the meanings of these colors so that you can choose the one that best represents you.

If you're faced with a riddle about what color your wedding dress should be, using the season as an indicator can help. Despite their traditional meaning, due to the influence of Western culture, more and more modern brides have embraced the simplicity and purity of white wedding dresses and have chosen to wear them on their wedding day. Whether it's a frilly dress or a simple V-neck dress, a bright ombre color transition will attract attention and make a unique style statement for a bride. Initially adopted by the wealthiest brides, the white wedding dress fashion finally spread to all economic levels and was consolidated as a “tradition” in the 20th century.

So why do so many brides today wear white? They do so largely thanks to a trend that began with Queen Victoria's wedding to Prince Albert in 1840. Floral motifs or general pastel patterns make a bride shine in the warmer months of summer, especially with lighter, airier fabrics. A fusion of colors inspired by a culture you admire or with which you have a connection could create a stunning wedding dress that you'll remember fondly for decades to come. Wearing a green wedding dress can show your positive energy and represent your beautiful vision of a new stage in life.

Moroccans support bright yellow wedding dresses because they believe the color scares away the evil eye. But take a slow breath between our style quiz and this handy guide to learn the how and why among all the wedding dresses in different colors. You won't have a hard time finding the dress of your dreams at one of our authorized retailers. If you're celebrating a Chinese-American wedding, wearing a red wedding dress will be an exciting but classic choice that honors your culture and complements your beauty at the same time.

It's also an incredible choice of wedding dress color for brides who want to emphasize every detail of their dress.

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