What Color Should Mothers of the Bride Wear for a Summer Wedding?

Choosing what color to wear as mother of the bride for a summer wedding can be tricky! Learn about all your options here.

What Color Should Mothers of the Bride Wear for a Summer Wedding?

It is considered the color of perfection. This color chosen by the traditional bride is and will always be a basic element in bridal fashion. Many people associate summer weddings with a theme of brighter colors, but a discreet neutral color is also a perfect dress for the mother of the bride to wear. Cream, ivory, blush, mauve, beige and even champagne are beautiful dress colors that look especially good against a skin tone bathed in the summer sun.

If you want a bit of contrast, combine neutral colors with an accent color that can match the colors of the wedding party or even with the bride's dress. Many brides and mothers get excited and end up wearing the same colors on this big day. Remember that the mother of the bride should not wear the same color or even the shade of the bride's wedding dress. The wedding dress is usually in shades such as ivory or champagne, so make sure you don't choose any shade of white.

If you want to use neutral colors, opt for off-white, beige, taupe and gray, as they are a different shade than a traditional wedding dress. Also, don't choose the same dress design either. For example, if the bride wears toe-length clothes, the best thing for you are mother of the bride's tea-length dresses or dresses that are knee-length. When you walk into most bridal stores, the shelves are full of ivory dresses. Ivory has become the dominant color in many bridal salons.

The main reason ivory is more common is because the tone looks better on most skin tones. In addition, the textures and details of a dress become more visible when ivory contrasts. That's why Queen Victoria wore white for the first time, to highlight her beautiful lace. Since modern brides choose wedding dresses, color options are plentiful. When you buy your dress, remember that you can also start a new trend.

Of course, the bride and groom can offer suggestions for styles, colors and levels of formality to help their mothers choose the perfect outfits. If your daughter's wedding is a formal wedding, it's appropriate for her to wear an intense emerald, burgundy, cobalt blue, or even champagne color. However, these colors are the most appropriate for dresses that you would wear at a wedding in winter or fall. If your daughter is planning a spring wedding, you can choose from an impressive range of color options. They can choose completely different colors and styles and yet look like proud mothers at their children's wedding.

If your daughter is very picky about her wedding color scheme, it's probably a good idea to coordinate it with the bridal party. In fact, jewel-toned reds are popular colors for bridesmaid dresses, especially for a winter wedding. Some of the best summer colors for red, pink and coral themes are sangria, fuchsia, coral pink, peach and merlot, including khaki. And as for the fabric, mother of the bride's dresses made of tulle, chiffon, satin and organza are perfect for summer. Many brides prefer that the women they adore use complementary colors to achieve a coherent look, but some mothers want to stand out. You can request a partial white or even all-white dress code for mother, bride or bridesmaid dresses.

If this is the case, they may not care if others at the wedding party wore white or something from the same color family. Colors such as gold, rose gold and silver are perfect for you to use at formal and semi-formal winter weddings. Some beautiful matching colors for your dress can be neutral such as charcoal, champagne, taupe or blush. If the bridal party tends to a neutral theme, you can choose from a wider variety of stunning metallic colors such as rose gold, champagne, gold, silver, pewter or earthy natural colors such as slate green, brown, mocha, mink or dusty pink.

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