The Ultimate Guide to Micro Weddings: What You Need to Know

Are you considering having a microwedding for your special day? Learn what exactly is considered a microwedding and how to plan one with this ultimate guide.

The Ultimate Guide to Micro Weddings: What You Need to Know

Are you considering a microwedding for your special day? If so, you're not alone. With the pandemic still raging, many couples are opting for smaller, more intimate weddings. But what exactly is a microwedding? A microwedding is an intimate event with up to 20 guests, usually including close family members and a few select friends. This is different from an elopement, which involves only the couple and the wedding official.

Microweddings still have time-honored traditions that cause a wedding to take place, but on a much smaller scale. And while your Aunt Shirley desperately wants you to invite cousin Ralph, try to keep in mind that the purpose of a microwedding is to keep things intimate. As with all weddings, the cost of a microwedding depends on personal choices, from the number of guests and venue to the decoration. An intimate wedding (sometimes also called a mini-wedding) is nothing new, but it's something that many people hadn't considered before COVID-19.

The great thing about a microwedding is that you have many more options where to celebrate it, since you don't have to find a space with enough space for 150 people. Here's how to plan your own micro-wedding and why they're actually the best COVID idea or not.

How to Plan Your Microwedding

One of the best things about a microwedding is that, because it's smaller, you can focus on the details and invest in making them shine the way you want them to. You can rent cafes, restaurants, bars, parks, galleries, or anywhere you would never consider for a big wedding. While each couple's microwedding will look different, it usually means everything is done on a smaller level.

A microwedding can maintain the traditions of a normal wedding, but the good thing about having a small guest list is that you can also choose to customize the dress code.

What Does a Microwedding Look Like?

A typical microwedding includes a 10- to 15-minute ceremony followed by a brief reception (2 hours or so). A microwedding is largely a traditional wedding and reception, abbreviated in some ways due to the smaller number of guests. But you don't want to wait until, well, who knows when? Follow in the footsteps of the crowds of couples who have abandoned their traditional plans for socially distant microweddings. While there are no exact figures, we would say that a true microwedding has a number of 20 people or fewer and meets local and state gathering guidelines.

The Benefits of Having a Microwedding

Having a microwedding has many benefits.

For one thing, it's much more affordable than having a large wedding. You can save money on catering costs and decorations since there are fewer guests. Plus, since it's smaller and more intimate, you can focus on making sure each guest has an amazing experience. Another benefit of having a microwedding is that it's much easier to plan than a large wedding. You don't have to worry about finding vendors or dealing with large crowds.

You can also be more creative with your decorations since there are fewer people attending.


A microwedding is an excellent option for couples who want an intimate celebration without all the stress and expense of planning a large wedding. With fewer guests and more creative options for venues and decorations, you can make your special day truly unique.

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