The Most Important Elements of a Wedding

A wedding is an important event that marks a new life for couples. Learn about all elements that make up an unforgettable wedding from announcing your wedding party to having your father escort you down the aisle.

The Most Important Elements of a Wedding

A wedding is a special event that marks the beginning of a new life for a couple. It is the biggest expense on a couple's budget and the first provider they'll book. Couples continue to prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to their guests and their spending on site. The DJ announces the wedding party at the reception, and all pronouncements must be accurate.

This often requires adjustments on the day of the event. A woman's wedding party consists only of those who are on her side of the wedding. Those who are on the groom's side are called his groomsmen. At religious weddings, the speaker is usually a priest or someone equivalent to a priest. If it is not a religious wedding, someone is invited to officiate the ceremony, such as a friend or family member of the bride or groom. The bride or groom's assistant at a wedding is usually a brother or friend of special importance in their life.

He often holds onto the wedding rings until they are exchanged. The title and position held by a bride's assistant is usually her closest friend or brother. People may think that being a bridesmaid is demanding and bossy, but in reality, she has several duties in addition to some special benefits. The bridesmaid is the bride's main support before, during and after the wedding. Men who play this role may be called honored assistants or sometimes groomsmen, but that term has a different traditional meaning.

A bridesmaid is first and foremost someone whom the bride wants to be part of her wedding, such as a sister or very good friend; their friendship and support for marriage are very important. In addition to being an emotional support system, the bridesmaid also has practical purposes. During the busy time of planning a wedding, she can offer advice, do tasks, run errands and more. The bride must have at least one bridesmaid (preferably the maid of honor) who is reliable, helpful, organized and who lives close to her. Those attending, usually male, to a groom at a wedding ceremony are called groomsmen. Female assistants, such as a sister of the groom, are often referred to as honored assistants.

Groomsmen have few responsibilities before the wedding; mostly they help plan and organize the bachelor party (and put on their tuxedos). On the wedding day, groomsmen should arrive early at the ceremony venue to greet (and possibly seat) guests and participate in the wedding. They are expected to stay at the reception for its entirety. In some traditions, one or more children carry bouquets of flowers or drop flower petals in front of the bride in the wedding procession. During this procession, they walk in front of her scattering flower petals or carrying an attractive bouquet or basket.

It should also be included in the wedding rehearsal so she feels comfortable with her role. Traditionally, the bride will be escorted by her father down the aisle at the start of the ceremony. Although this is usually done only by him, some brides may choose to have both parents accompany them with one father on each arm. In other cases, it may be her mother leading the procession. The father of the bride usually gives a speech on the wedding day; however this takes place at either the reception or dinner. For couples getting married, there are many reasons why weddings are so important beyond legal requirements.

People from all walks of life have their own unique reasons for thinking that marriage is so important to them in addition to standard reasons such as love and commitment. In this section we'll discuss why marriage is so important.

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